You can use the AutoCAD Civil 3D Utilities to perform operations not related to a specific object or command.

  • Coordinate Geometry (COGO)

    Use coordinate geometry to enter accurate geometry when creating objects and find out accurate geometry for existing objects.

  • Mapcheck Analysis

    Perform a Mapcheck Analysis by selecting AutoCAD Civil 3D line and curve labels to determine values from label objects based on the precision of the annotation of the label object, or enter mapcheck data manually.

  • Attaching Notes

    With the Notes command, you can add either detailed or reference information to a selected object.

  • Using the Object Viewer

    The Object Viewer displays objects you select in your drawing, based on the current view that is set in the drawing.

  • Simplifying Data Display

    Reduce the level of detail that is displayed in the drawing.

  • Performing Inquiries on AutoCAD Civil 3D Objects

    Use the Inquiry Tool or distance checks to analyze drawing data.

  • The Coordinate Tracker

    You can use the Coordinate Tracker to view and capture X, Y, and Z drawing coordinates.

  • The Event Viewer Vista

    You can use the AutoCAD Civil 3DEvent Viewer to view event messages that are logged during an AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing session.

  • Multi-View Blocks

    A multi-view block is an AutoCAD Civil 3D object that can have different representations in different view directions. You create a multi-view block from AutoCAD blocks that represent the different views of the custom object that you are creating.

  • Drafting Tools

    You can perform a variety of editing operations on linework components and certain Civil objects using the AEC Modify Tools.

  • Visibility Checks

    Visibility checks are features that enable you to visually inspect your model, including the Drive tool and the Line of Sight tools (Point to Point Line of Sight, Sight Distance Along Corridor, and Zone of Visual Influence).

  • Utilities Command Reference

    You can use commands to quickly access AutoCAD Civil 3D utility functionality.