LandXML Export
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Whether you are exporting from Land Desktop or from AutoCAD Civil 3D, the process is similar. To export a LandXML file from Land Desktop, click Projects menu Export LandXML. The LandXML Export dialog box is displayed. You can choose to export the point, surface, parcel, alignment, and pipe run data from the drawing.

In AutoCAD Civil 3D, you can export data to a LandXML file using the ribbon by clicking the Output tab Export To LandXML. You can also right-click an object collection in the Prospector tree and select Export LandXML.

In AutoCAD Civil 3D, when you export from the Prospector tree, the Export To LandXML dialog box contains a pre-defined selection set of the data in that collection. When you export uisng the command available from the ribbon, all drawing data is selected by default, and you can adjust the selection by clearing check boxes. Alternately, you can specify the objects to export by selecting them from the drawing.

The following sections provide step-by-step information on the process.

LandXML Export