Exporting a Drawing to AutoCAD
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You can export a drawing created in AutoCAD Civil 3D to AutoCAD®. This process creates either a new AutoCAD 2010, 2007, 2004, 2000 or R14 format drawing with all civil objects exploded to AutoCAD primitives. The original drawing is not affected.

When you open the resulting drawing, the primitive objects are not restored to their original state.

The following format compatibility rules apply.

Format ... Compatible with AutoCAD ...
2010 2010-2011
2007 2007-2009
2004 2004-2006
2000 2000-2003
R14 R14

The Export To AutoCAD commands respect the current display settings of the objects in your drawing. For example, if a surface in the drawing is set up to display the border and contours only, the drawing created with the ExportTo Auto CAD command will contain primitives that represent the surface border and contours only.

If the current drawing contains multiple viewports, the Export To AutoCAD commands create the primitives based on the view of the objects in the active viewport.


For information about the Save As AutoCAD DWG command and how it is different from the Export To AutoCAD commands, see "Save a Drawing" in the AutoCAD Help.

Exporting a Drawing to AutoCAD
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