Import Events
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The import event provides a framework that you can use to view and edit specific survey data that is referenced within the import event.

An import event is created each time you import data using either the Import Survey Data wizard, the import commands on the survey network shortcut menu, or the import Survey LandXML command.

Import Events are displayed as a collection within a database on the ToolspaceSurvey tab. The default name for the import event is the same as the imported file name "<File name>.<ext>".

The Import Events collection contains the Networks, Figures, and Survey Points that are referenced from the specific import command, and provides a convenient way to remove, re-import, and reprocess linework, and insert survey data into the current drawing.


Commands entered in the Survey Command Window or from using the Run Batch File command do not create an import event. To maintain the integrity of existing networks, you should create a separate network when you use the Survey Command Window.

Import Events
Quick Reference


Survey tab: expand Survey Databases <named> survey database Import Events <named> event

  • Import Event Commands

    Use the following right-click commands to view and edit data in the Import Event collection and in individual import events.