Adding Boundaries to a Corridor Surface
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Use the Boundaries tab of the Corridor Properties dialog box, or the Create Boundary From Corridor command on the Create Design panel of the Home tab, to create corridor boundaries.

In the Boundaries tab, you can create the boundaries using the following options:

When selecting the feature lines from which to create the boundary, first select the bottom end of one feature line, followed by the top end of its pair.

For example, select the bottom outside edge of a lane followed by the top outside edge of a lane to create a boundary that encompasses both lanes:

If you are creating the corridor boundary using a polygon, you can create the required polygon by exporting corridor feature lines as polylines, and then join them to create the required polygon.

For more information about converting feature lines to polylines, see Exporting Corridor Data.

To automatically create outer boundaries
To interactively add a boundary to a corridor surface
To create outer boundaries using a closed polygon
To create a polyline boundary from a corridor
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Home tab Create Design panel Create Boundary From Corridor

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Prospector tab: Corridors <corridor name> PropertiesBoundaries tab

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Corridor Properties

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