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Adding and Editing Survey Data

You can use AutoCAD Civil 3D to add and edit survey data.

To add survey data to your drawing, you can:

In AutoCAD Civil 3D, a survey database holds all the observed angles and distances for each point.

Tutorial: Viewing and Editing Survey Data

Tutorial:Manually Creating Survey Data

  • Editing Survey Data in the Panorama Vista Editor
  • Control Points

    You can use several methods to create control points.

  • Non-Control Points

    Use the Survey tab to create non-control points.

  • Setups

    Setups are the instrument setups that are defined in the survey database. The Setups collection on the ToolspaceSurvey tab expands to display individual setups.

  • Observations

    Observations are measured to survey points in relation to a setup.

  • Directions

    A direction is an angle measured from the north or south meridian.

  • Baselines

    You can create baselines, which are reference lines from a baseline start point and a baseline end point.

  • Centerlines

    A centerline is defined from a figure. After you define the current centerline and current cross section, you can create new points in relation to them.

  • Intersections

    You can use the intersection commands to locate intersection points between bearings, azimuths, lines, and arcs, and to calculate the square offset.

  • Batch Files

    Use batch files to record all survey commands that you use.