Getting Started

The AutoCAD Civil 3D API enables you to reference AutoCAD Civil 3D components and functionality to extend and develop applications.

The AutoCAD Civil 3D Developer Help includes four components:

Sources of Information

To develop applications using the AutoCAD Civil 3D API, you should be familiar with AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD applications.

Note:  The AutoCAD Civil 3D Help is useful for understanding how AutoCAD Civil 3D models its domain, and for understanding Civil 3D objects and settings. Since detailed explanations are available in AutoCAD Civil 3D Help, the Civil 3D Developer Help explains them only briefly or not at all. Before you automate or extend an AutoCAD Civil 3D feature, review the subject in AutoCAD Civil 3D Help.


Languages for programming the ActiveX interface include

If you are new to the Visual Basic for Applications programming environment or to AutoCAD ActiveX technology, refer to the AutoCAD ActiveX and VBA Developer's Guide.

Cross-API Inheritance: Finding Method and Property Documentation

The AutoCAD Civil 3D ActiveX Reference (this document) does not list inherited methods and properties for interfaces that inherit from the Autodesk AEC Base API. To review the inherited methods and properties of such an interface, review the documentation for its Autodesk AEC Base parent. For help in finding this information, see Methods, Properties, and Cross-API Inheritance.

Topics in This Section

Referencing the Automation Type Libraries
Getting the Application Objects
Methods, Properties, and Cross-API Inheritance