Specifying AEC Dimension Preferences

Use this procedure to specify dimension preferences before you add AEC dimensions to your drawing.

Settings for AEC dimensions include the following:

  1. Click Options.
  2. Click the AEC Dimension tab.

    Settings for AEC dimensions

  3. Specify how dimension chains are updated when you remove or add dimension points:
    If you want to… Then…
    update the display after every point you remove from or add to a dimension chain select Update Added / Removed Points Immediately.
    update the display only after you have finished removing or adding dimension points clear Update Added / Removed Points Immediately.

    For more information, see Adding Non-Associative Dimensions from Picked Points to an AEC Dimension and Removing Object Points Set in the AEC Dimension Style.

  4. Set the global behavior of manually overridden dimension values:
    If you want to… Then…
    have an automatic underline for each manually overridden dimension value select Override Display of Underlined Text, and then select Underline All.
    have no underline for any overridden dimension value select Override Display of Underlined Text, and then select Underline None.
    set underlines for each overridden dimension value manually clear Override Display of Underlined Text.

    For more information, see Overriding Dimension Values and Hiding Dimension Segments.

  5. Under Units, for Dimension in, select the unit in which dimensions are to be displayed.

    This unit can differ from the drawing unit. For example, you can create a drawing in meters, but have the dimensions displayed in centimeters.

  6. If meters or centimeters are your drawing units, and you want to display the millimeters as superscripted text, select Use Superscript mm.

    Millimeters superscripted (left) and millimeters not superscripted (right)

  7. If you do not want zeros at the end of superscripted numbers, select Trailing Zeros Suppression for Superscript.

    You can select this option only if you have selected Use Superscript mm.

    Trailing zeros not suppressed (left) and suppressed (right)

  8. Under Automatic Scale of AutoCAD Dimstyles, select the AutoCAD dimension styles to be rescaled when you change the drawing units.

    For example, you change the drawing units from meters to millimeters. The following settings in your AutoCAD dimension style are rescaled:


    Description Variable AutoCAD Dimstyle  
        Meters Millimeters
    Dimension line spacing DIMDLI 0.5000 500.0000
    Dimension line extension DIMDLE 0.1250 125.0000
    Extension line length DIMEXE 0.1250 125.0000
    Text offset from dimension line DIMGAP 0.1000 100.0000
    Dimension text height DIMTXT 0.2000 200.0000