FONTMAP (System Variable)


Specifies the font mapping file to be used for substituting fonts.

Type: String
Saved in: Registry
Initial value: acad.fmp (AutoCAD) or acadlt.fmp (AutoCAD LT)

A font mapping file contains one font mapping per line. The original font used in the drawing and the font to be substituted for it are separated by a semicolon (;). For example, to substitute the Times TrueType font for the Roman font, the line in the mapping file would read as follows:


If FONTMAP does not point to a font mapping file, if the FMP file is not found, or if the font file name specified in the FMP file is not found, the font defined in the style is used. If the font in the style is not found, a font is substituted according to the substitution rules.

FONTMAP only works with text created with the MTEXT command.