DIMGAP (System Variable)


Sets the distance around the dimension text when the dimension line breaks to accommodate dimension text.

Type: Real
Saved in: Drawing
Initial value: 0.0900 (imperial) or 0.6250 (metric)

Also sets the gap between annotation and a hook line created with the LEADER command. If you enter a negative value, DIMGAP places a box around the dimension text.

The value of DIMGAP is also used as the minimum length of each segment of the dimension line. To locate the components of a linear dimension within the extension lines, enough space must be available for both arrowheads (2 x DIMASZ), both dimension line segments (2 x DIMGAP), a gap on either side of the dimension text (another 2 x DIMGAP), and the length of the dimension text, which depends on its size and number of decimal places displayed.