-PURGE (Command)


Removes unused named objects, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing using the command line.


Allows you to remove unused named objects from a drawing at the Command prompt. You can only remove one level of reference at a time. Repeat the command until there are no unreferenced, named objects.

Note The PURGE command will not remove unnamed objects (zero-length geometry or empty text and mtext objects) from blocks or locked layers.

List of Prompts

The following prompts are displayed.

Type of Unused Objects to Purge

Deletes unused applications from blocks, detail view styles, dimension styles, groups, layers, linetypes, materials, multileader styles, plot styles, shapes, text styles, multiline styles, section view styles, table styles, visual styles, regapps, zero-length geometry, empty text objects, or all.

Enter Name (s) to Purge

Enter an object name of * to list the objects.

Verify Each Name to Be Purged?

Enter y to verify each name.