SEEK (Command)


Opens a web browser and displays the Autodesk Seek home page.

Access Methods

 Ribbon:  Insert tab Content panel Autodesk Seek search box (enter keywords)
 Shortcut menu:  Right-click on the Tool Palettes window, or a block, and click Seek Design Content.

You can also access Autodesk Seek from DesignCenter (ADCENTER) and from Content Explorer (CONTENTEXPLORER).


Product design information that is available on Autodesk Seek depends on what content providers, both corporate partners and individual contributors, publish to Autodesk Seek.

This service is an online source for product information that is directly accessible from your Autodesk software. From the Autodesk Seek search box, you can access 3D models, 2D drawings, and product specifications from product manufacturers, suppliers, and aggregators.

Note Autodesk Seek is currently available in US English only.