Sheet Set Manager


Displays and organizes named collections of drawing sheets

Access Methods


 Ribbon:  View tab Palettes panel Sheet Set Manager
 Toolbar: Standard 
 Menu:  Tools Palettes Sheet Set Manager Not available in menus in the current workspace


The Sheet Set Manager is not fully functional if

  • The command is active;
  • No drawing is open;
  • The sheet set is locked by another user; or
  • A lock icon displayed in front of the sheet set name in the Sheet Set Manager indicates that the sheet set is locked. Hold your cursor over the lock icon to view a tooltip that shows who has the sheet set locked.

List of Tabs

The Sheet Set Manager window displays the following tabs:

  • Sheet List
  • Sheet Views
  • Model Views

Sheet List Control

The Sheet List control displays the name of the current sheet set, or, if no sheet sets are open, the Open option. The Sheet List control provides the following options for all tabs:

Names of Open Sheet Sets

Lists all open sheet sets, if any. A check is displayed next to the current sheet set.


Displays a list of recently opened sheet sets.

New Sheet Set

Starts the Create Sheet Set wizard.


Displays the Open Sheet Set standard file selection dialog box.