LAYUNISO (Command)


Restores all layers that were hidden or locked with the LAYISO command.

Access Methods


 Ribbon:  Home tab Layers panel Unisolate Not available on the ribbon in the current workspace
 Menu:  Format Layer Tools Layer Unisolate Not available in menus in the current workspace
 Toolbar: Layers II


Reverses the effects of the previous LAYISO command. Any additional changes made to layer settings after you use the LAYISO command will be retained.

LAYUNISO restores layers to the state they were in just before you entered the LAYISO command. Changes to layer settings after LAYISO is used are retained when you enter the LAYUNISO command. If LAYISO was not used, LAYUNISO does not restore any layers.

NoteYou can also restore layers to their previous layer state by using the Layer Previous button on the Layers toolbar (or by entering LAYERP at the Command prompt), as long as you have not made any changes to layer settings.