Draw Freehand Sketches
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Sketching is useful for creating irregular boundaries or for tracing with a digitizer.

Draw freehand sketches with the SKETCH command. Freehand sketches comprise many line segments that are converted into a line, polyline, or spline.

For Splines, you can determine how closely the spline’s curve fits to the freehand sketch.

For any sketch type, set the minimum length (increment) of the line segments. Small line segments allow greater accuracy, but they can greatly increase the drawing file size.

Before sketching, check the CELTYPE system variable to make sure the current linetype is BYLAYER. When you sketch with dot or dash linetypes, smaller line segments can become invisible.

Sketch in Tablet Mode

You use Tablet mode with a digitizer. Sketching in Tablet mode is useful for such things as tracing map outlines from paper directly into a drawing. You cannot turn off Tablet mode while sketching.

When Tablet mode is on, you can configure the program to map the paper drawing's coordinate system directly into the world coordinate system. Thus, there is a direct correlation between the coordinates where screen crosshairs appear, the coordinates on the tablet, and the coordinates in the original paper drawing. After configuring the program to match the coordinates of the paper drawing, you may find that the area shown on the screen is not the area you need. To avoid this problem, use ZOOM to display the entire work area before you start to sketch.

To draw freehand sketches
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