Switch Between Open Drawings
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Preview and switch between all open drawings and layouts in a drawing in two-level structure with the Quick View Drawings tool.

Show Me: Switch Between Drawings

The first level displays the Quick View images of open drawings and the second level displays the images for model space and all layouts in a drawing.

When you click the Quick View Drawings button on the status bar, each open drawing displays as a thumbnail image in a row. The image of the current drawing is highlighted by default. If you move your cursor over an image, all the layouts and the model for that drawing are displayed in a row of images above the Quick View drawing.

The Quick View Toolbar

The toolbar displayed below the Quick View drawings has the following options:

Use the Quick View Drawings Tool

You can do any of the following with the Quick View Drawings tool:

You can access more options for layouts from the Quick View layout image. For more information, see Switch Between Layouts in the Current Drawing.

TipIf you often work with many open drawings or many layouts in a drawing, you can use multiple monitors to display complete rows of Quick View images.

Update Quick View Images

Quick View images are not updated dynamically when working on it. They are updated when you switch between the model space and layouts; or use the UPDATETHUMBSNOW command.

When a drawing does not have a stored image for a model space, a placeholder image is displayed instead.

This placeholder image is displayed in the following cases:

When a drawing is saved in DXF format, it does not have a stored image for a drawing. The image is not updated even if you use the UPDATETHUMBSNOW command. A static image is displayed instead.

To preview and switch between open drawings
To preview and switch between layouts in a drawing
To resize a Quick View image
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