Quick Reference

Adds or deletes supported scales for annotative objects.

Access Methods


 Ribbon: Annotate tabAnnotation Scaling panelAdd/Delete ScalesNot available on the ribbon in the current workspace
 Menu: ModifyAnnotative Object ScaleAdd/Delete ScalesNot available in menus in the current workspace
 Shortcut menu: With an annotative object selected, right-click in the drawing area. Click Annotative Object Scale Add/Delete Scales.
 Command entry: 'objectscale for transparent use


An annotative object can support several annotation scales for views at different scales. You can add or delete scales from the list of scales assigned to the selected annotative objects.

If you enter objectscale, you are prompted to select annotative objects.

The Annotative Object Scale Dialog Box is displayed.

If you enter -objectscale at the Command prompt, options are displayed.