Page Setup Override Dialog Box
Quick Reference

Allows you to override individual settings when you export a file.

Access Methods


 Ribbon:  Output tab Export to DWF/PDF Page Setup.


You can override the regular page settings applied to the layout through the Page Setup dialog box. The override settings remain until you exit the application. So, you do not have to reset the overrides every time you export to a DWF, DWFx, or PDF file.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Paper Size

Select the paper size from the drop-down list of paper sizes defined for the default plotter driver.

Plot Style Table (Pen Assignments)

Plot Style Name

Select a plot style table from the drop-down list to apply to all layouts.

Plot Style Table Editor

Click to open the Plot Style Table Editor.

Drawing Orientation

Specify if the output displays in portrait or landscape.

Plot Scale

Fit to Paper

Select to automatically scale the selection to fit the area on the paper size specified earlier.


Specify a scaling ratio for the drawing. This ratio varies depending on whether you select inches or millimeters as the measurement units.

Scale Lineweights

Scales lineweights in proportion to the plot scale. Lineweights normally specify the linewidth of plotted objects and are plotted with the linewidth size regardless of the plot scale.