Quick Reference

Displays a dialog box to define variations of a block.

Access Methods


 Ribbon: Block Editor contextual tabDimensional panelBlock Table


You can only use the btable command in the Block Editor. The Block Properties Table dialog box is displayed after you specify a location point. The location point determines where the grip and table icon are located in the block definition. The grip location determines where the grip appears in the block reference and displays a context menu based on the contents of the block properties table. The type of properties that can be included in the block properties table include legacy parameters, parameter constraints, user parameters, and attributes. The legacy action parameters that are added to the lookup tables cannot be added to the Block Properties Table.

Each row in the table defines a different variation of the block reference, and can be accessed by the lookup grip.

If a block table is already created in the block editor, entering the btable command directly displays the Block Properties Table dialog box (see BLOOKUPTABLE command).

List of Prompts

The following prompts are displayed.

Specify parameter location or [Palette]: Specify a location point


Specifies whether the block table item is displayed in the Properties palette for the block reference.