Quick Reference

Displays a window within the Block Editor to test a dynamic block.

Access Methods


 Ribbon: Block Editor contextual tab Open / Save panel Test Block


You can only use the btestblock command in the Block Editor. With the Test Block window you can test a dynamic block without closing the Block Editor. You can select the block reference and test the grips or display the Properties palette and test the behavior when changing the properties. You can also insert additional copies of the block to test the inserting behavior. You can make changes and test the block without saving the changes to the block definition.

In the Test Block window, all AutoCAD commands operate the same way except the BEDIT, SAVE, SAVEAS, and QSAVE commands. The bedit command is not available in Test Block window. The save, saveas, and qsave commands remove the Test Block status from the window and the Test Block window becomes an open drawing. A Close Test Block Window contextual panel is added to the ribbon when you are in the Test Block mode.

In the Block Editor, the BCLOSE, BTESTBLOCK, and CLOSE commands automatically close the Test Block window and discard the temporary file. The btestblock command closes the current Test Block window and opens a new window with the current definition.

NotePlease ensure that there are entities present in the block being tested before running the btestblock command.