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Dictionaries Dialog Box
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Displays the installed dictionaries and allows you to edit the custom dictionary.

Access Methods


 Ribbon: Annotate tabText panelCheck Spelling Not available on the ribbon in the current workspace
 Menu: ToolsSpellingNot available in menus in the current workspace
 Toolbar: Text
 Command entry: spell (or 'spell for transparent use)


Manages dictionaries. During a spelling check, the words in the drawing are matched to the words in the current main and current custom dictionaries. Any spelling exceptions that you identify with the Add option are stored in the custom dictionary you are currently using.

If you want to check spelling in another language, you can change to a different main dictionary. You can also create any number of custom dictionaries and switch between them as needed.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Main Dictionary

Displays a list of language-specific dictionaries from which you can choose a different main dictionary. This dictionary is used in conjunction with the custom dictionary.

Custom Dictionary

Displays the name of the current custom dictionary. The .cus extension is used for an AutoCAD custom dictionary.

Current Custom Dictionary

Displays the list from which you can select a custom dictionary file to use. The selected dictionary file is used until another file is selected. The list also includes a Manage custom dictionaries selection which brings up the Manage Custom Dictionaries dialog box.


Displays a list of the words that currently exist in the specified custom dictionary.

You can add words to or delete words from this list.


Adds the word that you enter in the box to the current custom dictionary. The maximum length is 63 characters.


Deletes a word from current custom dictionary content.


Imports words from another dictionary or word list into your current custom dictionary.