Edit Lineweights Dialog Box
Quick Reference

Modifies the values of existing lineweights.

Access Methods

 Menu:  File Plot Style ManagerAt the Command prompt, enter stylesmanager.
 Command entry: stylesmanager

List of Options

The following options are displayed.


Lists the lineweights in the plot style table. You can modify existing lineweights, but you can't add or delete them. If you change a lineweight value, other plot styles that use the lineweight also change.

When you edit a lineweight value, it is rounded and displayed with a precision of four places past the decimal point. Lineweight values must be zero or a positive number. If you create a lineweight with a zero width, the line is plotted as thin as the plotter can create it. The maximum possible lineweight value is 100 millimeters (approximately four inches).

Units for Listing

Specifies the units in which to display the list of lineweights.

Edit Lineweight

Makes the selected lineweight available for editing.

Sort Lineweights

Sorts the list of lineweights by value. If you change lineweight values, choose Sort Lineweights to resort the list.