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Direction Control Dialog Box
Quick Reference

Defines the angle for 0 degrees and specifies the direction in which angles are measured.

Access Methods


 Menu: FormatUnitsNot available in menus in the current workspace
 Command entry: units (or 'units for transparent use)


When prompted for an angle, you can locate a point in the desired direction or enter an angle.

Base Angle

Sets the direction of the zero angle. The following options affect the entry of angles, the display format, and the entry of polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates.


Specifies the compass direction east (the default).


Specifies the compass direction north.


Specifies the compass direction west.


Specifies the compass direction south.


Specifies a direction different from the points of the compass.


Specifies a value for the zero angle when Other is selected.

Pick an Angle Button

Defines the zero angle in the graphics area based on the angle of an imaginary line that connects any two points you specify with the pointing device.