Plot and Publish Details Dialog Box
Quick Reference

Displays information about plotting and publishing jobs that have been completed in the current session.

Access Methods


 Ribbon: Output tabPlot panelView DetailsNot available on the ribbon in the current workspace
 Menu: FileView Plot and Publish DetailsNot available in menus in the current workspace
 Command entry: viewplotdetails


Plot and publish details are also available through the Plot and Publish status bar icon shortcut menu.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.


Specifies what is displayed. You can also right-click in the details area and click View Errors Only or View All to change this setting.


Displays information about all completed plot and publish jobs and sheets within those jobs.


Lists errors that have occurred as jobs were plotted or published.

Copy to Clipboard

Copies all highlighted text in the Plot and Publish Details dialog box to the Clipboard.

Details Area

Lists details of completed plot and publish jobs.