Object Snaps (Command Modifier)
Quick Reference

Specifies a precise point at a location on an object.

 Command entry: Within a command, at a prompt to locate a point, specify an object snap

When you specify an object snap, the cursor snaps to the specified point on an object closest to the center of the cursor. By default, a marker and a tooltip are displayed when you move the cursor over the object snap location on an object.

Specify a Single Object Snap

If you specify a single object snap, it stays in effect only for the next point you specify.

You can specify an object snap with any of the following methods:

  • Enter a object snap by typing its name. To see a list of valid object snaps, refer to the OSNAP command or the Drafting Settings Dialog Box.
  • Click an object snap from the Object Snap toolbar.
  • Click an object snap from the Object Snap shortcut menu. You can diisplay this shortcut menu by pressing SHIFT while you right-click.

Use Running Object Snaps

Using the OSNAP or DSETTINGS commands, you can specify a set of running object snaps. Running object snaps are one or more object snaps that remain in effect as you work.

  • To turn running object snaps on and off, click the OSNAP button on the status bar or press F3.
  • Press TAB to cycle through the object snap possibilities before you specify the point.
  • To turn off running object snaps for the next point only, specify the None object snap.