Quick Reference
Type: Real
Saved in: Drawing
Initial value: 0.0900 (imperial) or 0.6250 (metric)

Sets the distance around the dimension text when the dimension line breaks to accommodate dimension text.

Also sets the gap between annotation and a hook line created with the LEADER command. If you enter a negative value, DIMGAP places a box around the dimension text.

DIMGAP is also used as the minimum length for pieces of the dimension line. When the default position for the dimension text is calculated, text is positioned inside the extension lines only if doing so breaks the dimension lines into two segments at least as long as DIMGAP. Text placed above or below the dimension line is moved inside only if there is room for the arrowheads, dimension text, and a margin between them at least as large as DIMGAP: 2 * (DIMASZ + DIMGAP).