Quick Reference
Type: Integer
Saved in: Drawing
Initial value: 0

Generates a plan view whenever you change from one UCS to another.

The UCSFOLLOW setting is saved separately for each viewport. If UCSFOLLOW is on for a particular viewport, a plan view is generated in that viewport whenever you change coordinate systems.

Once the new UCS has been established, you can use PLAN, VIEW, or VPOINT to change the view of the drawing. It will change to a plan view again the next time you change coordinate systems.


UCS does not affect the view


Any UCS change causes a change to the plan view of the new UCS in the current viewport

The setting of UCSFOLLOW is maintained separately for paper space and model space and can be accessed in either, but the setting is ignored while in paper space (it is always treated as if set to 0). Although you can define a non-world UCS in paper space, the view remains in plan view to the world coordinate system.