Quick Reference

Specifies the current isometric plane.

Access Methods

 Command entry:  'isoplane for transparent use


The isometric plane affects the cursor movement keys only when Snap mode is on and the snap style is Isometric. If the snap style is Isometric, Ortho mode uses the appropriate axis pair even if Snap mode is off. The current isometric plane also determines the orientation of isometric circles drawn by ELLIPSE. You can cycle through the isometric planes by pressing Ctrl+E or F5.

List of Prompts

The following prompts are displayed.

Enter isometric plane setting [Left/Top/Right] <Top>: Enter an option or press Enter


Selects the left-hand plane, defined by the 90-degree and 150-degree axis pair.


Selects the top face of the cube, called the top plane, defined by the 30-degree and 150-degree axis pair.


Selects the right-hand plane, defined by the 90-degree and 30-degree axis pair.