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In a layout, switches from model space in a viewport to paper space.


The program switches from model space to paper space when you are working on a layout tab.

On the layout tab, use paper space to create a finished layout of a drawing for printing. As part of designing your layout, you create layout viewports, which are windows containing different views of the model. By switching from paper space to model space (see MSPACE), you can edit the model and views within the current layout viewport.

You can make a viewport current by double-clicking inside it. You can switch to paper space by double-clicking an area of the paper space layout that is not within a viewport.

When in paper space, you can also switch to model space by clicking Model on the status bar. If you are in model space, you can switch to the last paper space b clicking Paper on the status bar.

You can also switch between layout and model tabs at the end of the drawing area.

NoteThe layout and Model tabs are only displayed if you have selected the Display Layout and Model Tabs in the Display Tab (Options Dialog Box).