TRUSTEDDOMAINS (System Variable)


Specifies the domain names or URLs from which AutoCAD can run JavaScript code.

Type: String
Saved in: Registry
Initial value: Varies

To minimize the possibility of loading and executing malicious code, always set the TRUSTEDDOMAINS system variable to unique Internet domain names or URLs for use by JavaScript, and HTML files that might contain Javascript. When TRUSTEDDOMAINS is set to "" (an empty string) or "." (a period), there are no trusted domains or URLs.

Any web page specified in TRUSTEDPATHS is always implicitly trusted. Only AutoCAD Javascript API calls are tracked—all other Javascript calls are not tracked.

Here are some examples of trusted domains that include wildcard characters:

**                // trust anything from Autodesk
**               // trust anything from AutoCAD WS
** // trust anything from a specified subdomain*       // trust only the https protocol from a specified IP address

NoteThe TRUSTEDDOMAINS system variable works in conjunction with the SECURELOAD system variable.