Supported Locale Codes Reference


AutoCAD-based products are localized into a wide range of languages and the structure of the PackageContents.xml file supports these different languages with locale codes.

Many of the attributes in the PackageContents.xml file support localized languages. Append a locale code to the end of an attribute name to define a localized version of the attribute.

For example, to define a Spanish version of a description in the ApplicationPackage element you would create an attribute named DescriptionEsp.

The following is a full list of all supported locale codes:

  • Chs - Chinese Simplified (PRC)
  • Cht - Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)
  • Csy - Czech
  • Deu - German
  • Enu - English
  • Esp - Spanish
  • Fra - French
  • Hun - Hungarian
  • Ita - Italian
  • Jpn - Japanese
  • Kor - Korean
  • Plk - Polish
  • Rus - Russian