Transition from Visual Basic for Applications (.NET)


AutoCAD continues to support VBA, but the VBA components must be enabled by downloading and installing them from

Based on your development needs, you might want to consider migrating your existing VBA projects to .NET. Switching to .NET would allow you to avoid the need to install the VBA components on each workstation. You can continue to use the AutoCAD ActiveX Automation library in .NET to help make your transition from VBA to VB.NET easier.

For information on migrating from VBA to VB.NET, see The 'Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Module FAQ' page contains information about and resources related to the current VBA implementation in AutoCAD-based products. Use the links under the 'DevTV: AutoCAD VBA to VB.NET Migration Basics' FAQ to access videos that cover how to migrate VBA code to VB.NET.