TRUSTEDPATHS (System Variable)


Specifies the folders from which AutoCAD has permission to load and execute files that contain code.

Type: String
Saved in: Registry
Initial value: Varies

To minimize the possibility of loading and executing malicious code, always set the TRUSTEDPATHS system variable to unique, read-only folders where your authorized applications are located. This includes the following file types:

NoteThe AutoCAD install folder, the Plugin folder (%ProgramData%\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins), and all their subfolders are always implicitly trusted.

Valid strings include the following:

NoteWhen using AutoLISP, note that TRUSTEDPATHS does not add a path to the Support File Search Path. It simply provides permission use to an existing support path. Thus, an AutoLISP file must be located in a path listed in the Support File Search Path. In some circumstances, it might be more convenient to specify the relative file path in the Filename parameter when using the LOAD function.

These paths can also be set on the Options dialog box Files tab or in the Deployment Wizard.

The setting of the SECURELOAD system variable determines whether other locations, including the current drawing folder, are trusted. Signed DLLs are automatically trusted.

NoteBeginning with AutoCAD 2013 SP1, the reserved acad2013.lsp and acad2013doc.lsp files and their successors are loaded only from their default installation folders: <install folder>\Support and <install folder>\Support\<language> respectively.