Format Single-Line Text

A single-text object is created using the active text style. You can change the formatting of a single-line text object by changing the text style associated with it, or by editing the properties of the single-line text object directly. You cannot apply formats to individual words and characters with single-line text objects.

To change a text style associated with an individual single-line text object, set the TextStyleId property to a new text style. Once you have changed the text style, you must regenerate the drawing or update the object to see the changes in your drawing.

In addition to the standard editable properties for entities (color, layer, linetype, and so forth), other properties that you can change on a single-line text object include the following:


Specifies the horizontal alignment for the text.


Specifies the vertical alignment for the text.


Specifies the insertion point for the text.


Specifies the oblique angle of the individual text object.


Specifies the rotation angle in radians for the text.


Specifies the scale factor for the text.


Specifies the alignment point for the text.


Specifies whether the text is displayed backwards.


Specifies whether the text is displayed upside-down.


Specifies the actual text string displayed.

Once you have changed a property, regenerate the drawing or update the object to see the changes made.