About the License Transfer Utility

The License Transfer Utility transfers a product license online from one computer to another, and ensures that the product works only on the computer that contains the license. The License Transfer Utility is a custom stand-alone installation option. During installation, a shortcut is created. A shortcut is installed once per product, per workstation.

You may want to transfer a license to a computer temporarily (if you want to use an Autodesk product on your laptop, for example) or permanently (if the computer where you originally activated your Autodesk product is being replaced). You can leave the license on the secondary computer indefinitely, or you can move the license between computers as needed.

License transfers rely on the product’s serial number. Before an Autodesk product can be exported, it must be activated with the serial number and product key. During license import, a previously activated and exported license is imported to a product or product suite installed with the same serial number. The activation is transferred to the import computer, completing the license transfer.

NoteThe number of concurrent exports you can have, is equal to the number of seats you own. For example, if you own one seat you can have one export in progress at a time. You cannot complete another export until the one in progress has been imported. Similarly, if you have five seats, you can have up to five concurrent exports in progress at one time.
NoteWhen you upgrade your Autodesk product (non-subscription), you can no longer perform online license transfers of the previous license.
NoteAlthough the License Transfer Utility allows you to transfer your product license between computers, your license agreement may not allow the installation of an Autodesk product on more than one computer. Read your license agreement to find out whether your product license permits the use of the License Transfer Utility.

To transfer a license you must have an Internet connection, have an Autodesk product installed on both computers, and perform an online export and import of the license.