Create a Network Share

Once you have fully prepared for creating a deployment, you are ready to set up and distribute AutoCAD by creating a network share location (folder). A network share is an installation folder that you make available to users' computers on a network. You point users to this location to install the program.

A network, shared folder is required for network license and multi-seat stand-alone methods of installation. Any subfolders that are placed inside a network shared folder are automatically shared.

NoteYou must have Full Control permissions set for your shared folder when you are creating your deployment images. Read permissions are necessary to access the network share and administrative permissions on the workstation where the program is deployed.

To create a network share folder

  1. On your network server’s desktop, create a folder named Deployments.
  2. Right-click the Deployments folder and click Share and Security (or Sharing).
  3. In the <folder name> Properties dialog box, Sharing tab, select Share This Folder.
  4. Specify a Share Name, such as Deployments, if necessary.
  5. Click the Permissions button. In the Permissions dialog box enter your group or user names, and make sure Full Control is selected. Click OK.

    In Vista, right-click the Deployments folder and then click Share. In the File Sharing dialog box type in or browse to the name of the group or user you want to share the folder with. Click Add, and then click Share.

  6. For each product you plan to install, create a subfolder in the Deployments folder. Name each folder with the pertinent product name.