Configure InfoCenter Communication Center (Optional)

The Communications Center is accessed through InfoCenter. Products are updated with Live Update, which downloads patches to your product using Communication Center. Beyond Live Update, other information channels and feeds can be displayed by the Communication Center.

The Communication Center settings you can make include the following:

To configure Communication Center

  1. When creating a deployment, on the Configure InfoCenter Communication Center page, make the following Live Update settings:
    • Enable Live Updates. Users can receive product updates or support announcements from Autodesk servers.
    • Receive Live Updates from Autodesk. Users can receive product updates and support announcements from Autodesk servers with Live Update.
    • Receive Live Updates from Local Server. You can maintain a patch list on a local server. A patch list is an XML file that specifies a list of patches available for installation on your computer.

      If you select this option, the Local Patch List Location box is available. Use the Browse button to locate the path to a server location where you want a patch list. More information about how to use a local patch list is available by installing Autodesk CAD Manager Tools, running the CAD Manager Control utility, and then clicking Help in the CAD Manager Control utility window.

      NoteYou can name a file to use for patch information. By naming a file and using an .npl extension now, you are creating a placeholder file, not creating the file itself. In the location that you specify in the Local Patch List Location box, you must create a text file with the same name you specify here.
  2. Specify whether Information channels should be enabled.
  3. Specify whether CAD Manager channels should be enabled. When active, you can make the following settings:
    • Feed Location. Defines the location of the CAD Manager channel RSS feed. RSS feeds are in XML format.
    • Display Name. Sets the display name of the CAD Manager channel.
  4. Specify whether RSS Feeds are enabled and if users are allowed to add feeds.
  5. Click Next.