Use a Drawing Template File
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A drawing template file provides consistency in the drawings that you create by maintaining your standard styles and settings.

Select a Drawing Template File

A set of drawing template files is installed with AutoCAD. Many of them are provided either for imperial or for metric units, and some are optimized for 3D modeling. All drawing template files have a .dwt file extension.

While these drawing templates provide a quick way to start a new drawing, it is best to create drawing templates specific to your company and the type of drawings you create.

Create a Drawing Template File

When you need to create several drawings that use the same conventions and default settings, you can save time by creating or customizing a drawing template file instead of specifying the conventions and default settings each time you start. Conventions and settings commonly stored in template files include

By default, drawing template files are stored in the template folder, where they are easily accessible. You can use the Options dialog box to set a default for both the template folder and the drawing template file.

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