Check 3D Models for Interferences
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Find areas where 3D solids or surfaces intersect or overlap.

Use the INTERFERE command to check for areas of interference within a set of 3D solid or surface models. You can compare two sets of objects or check all 3D solids and surfaces in a drawing.

Interference checking creates temporary solid or surface objects and highlights where the models intersect.

If the selection set contains both 3D solids and surfaces, the resulting interference object is a surface.

You cannot check interference for mesh objects. However, if you select mesh objects, you can choose to convert them to a solid or surface object and continue the operation.

During the checking operation, you can use the Interference Checking dialog box to cycle through and zoom to interference objects. You can also specify whether to delete the temporary objects that are created during interference checking.

Methods for Checking Interference

You can check interference using the following methods:

To check for interferences within a solid model
To change the display of interference objects
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