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Browse, create, or open existing libraries from the Materials Browser.

Materials Browser

Use the Materials Browser to navigate and manage your materials. You can organize, sort, search, and select materials for use in your drawing.

The Autodesk library and user-defined libraries are accessible in the Materials Browser. The browser contains the following main components:

Materials Libraries

The Autodesk library, with over 700 materials and over 1000 textures, is included with the product. The library is read-only, but you can copy Autodesk materials into the drawing, edit them, and save them to your own library.

There are three types of libraries:

Open a Library

You can access and open existing user libraries created locally or on a network and add them to your defined libraries in the Materials Browser. You can preview and select materials from multiple libraries.

The libraries are stored in a single document and can be shared with other users. However, any custom texture files used by the materials in a user library must be manually bundled with the user library.

Once connected to a library, you can browse and view its contents. Materials are categorized by type.

Create and Modify a Library

Add your materials to one of your libraries. To modify Autodesk materials, first copy them to your drawing.

Use the Manage drop-down list in the Materials Browser to add, rename, or remove libraries. You can also add categories and regroup library materials in the Materials Browser. Locked libraries cannot be edited and only unlocked libraries can be removed.

NoteWhen you remove a library from the Materials Browser, the library file remains on the hard disk. You must manually delete the library file to reclaim hard disk space.
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