Create 3D Solids from Objects
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Convert existing objects to 3D solids.

You can use several methods to convert objects in your drawing to 3D solids:

mesh and polyline with thickness converted to optimized 3D solids

The DELOBJ system variable controls whether the objects you select are automatically deleted when the 3D object is created.

Convert Surfaces and Objects with Thickness to 3D Solids

Convert a Group of Surfaces to a 3D Solid

Use the SURFSCULPT command to convert a group of surfaces that enclose a water tight region to a 3D solid.

Convert Mesh to 3D Solids
Thicken Surfaces to Convert Them to 3D Solids
To convert objects with thickness to extruded solids
To convert one or more surfaces to solids
To convert contiguous surfaces that enclose a volume to a 3D solid object
To convert a mesh object to a 3D solid
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