Quick Reference

Converts a surface into a 3D solid with a specified thickness.

Access Methods


 Ribbon:  Home tabSolid Editing panelThickenNot available on the ribbon in the current workspace.
 Menu: Modify  3D Operations  ThickenNot available in menus in the current workspace


A useful technique for modeling a complex 3D curved solid is to first create a surface and then convert it to a 3D solid by thickening it.

Initially, the default thickness value is zero. During a drawing session, the default value for the thickness is the previously entered thickness value.

The DELOBJ system variable controls whether the object(s) you select are automatically deleted when the surface is created or whether you are prompted to delete the object(s).

If you select a mesh face to thicken, you can choose to convert the mesh object to a solid or surface before completing the operation.

List of Options

The following prompts are displayed.

Surfaces to thicken

Specifies one or more surfaces to thicken into solids.


Sets the height of the thickened object.