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Purge Dialog Box
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Removes unused items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing.

Access Methods


 Menu: Application menu Drawing Utilites Purge
 Command entry: purge


Displays items that can be purged.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Named Objects

View Items You Can Purge

Switches the tree view to display a summary of named objects in the current drawing that you can purge.

Items Not Used in Drawing

Lists the named objects that are not used in the current drawing and that can be purged.

You can list the items for any object type by clicking the plus sign or by double-clicking the object type. You purge items by selecting the item to purge.

Purge Nested Items removes items only when you select one of the following options:

  • All Items or Blocks in the tree view
  • The Purge All button
View Items You Cannot Purge

Switches the tree view to display a summary of named objects in the current drawing that you can't purge.

Items Currently Used in Drawing

Lists named objects that cannot be removed from the drawing.

Most of these objects are currently used in the drawing or are default items that cannot be removed.

When you select individual named objects, information about why you can't purge the item is displayed below the tree view.

Confirm Each Item to Be Purged

Displays the Confirm Purge dialog box when you purge an item.

Purge Nested Items

Removes all unused named objects from the drawing even if they are contained within or referenced by other unused named objects.

The Confirm Purge dialog box is displayed, and you can cancel or confirm the items to be purged.


Displays information detailing why you can't purge the selected item.

Unnamed Objects

Purge zero-length geometry and empty text objects

Deletes geometry of zero length (lines, arcs, polylines and so on) in non-block objects. Also deletes mtext and text that contains only spaces (no text) in non-block objects.

NoteThe PURGE command will not remove zero-length geometry or empty text and mtext objects from blocks or locked layers.


Purges the selected items.

Purge All

Purges all unused items.