Quick Reference
Type: Integer
Saved in: Registry
Initial value: 11

Controls the settings for the 3D object snaps.

Controls which 3D object snaps are enabled. The setting is stored as a bitcode using the sum of the following values:

Value Description Shortcut Keys
0 Enables all 3D object snaps  
1 Disables all 3D object snaps ZNON
2 Snaps to a vertex or a control vertex ZVER
4 Snaps to the midpoint on a face edge ZMID
8 Snaps to the center of a face ZCEN
16 Snaps to a spline or surface knot ZKNO
32 Snaps to a perpendicular face (planar faces only) ZPER
64 Snaps to an object nearest to a face ZNEA
126 Turns on all 3D object snaps  

To specify more than one object snap, enter the sum or their values. For example, entering 6 specifies the vertex (2) and midpoint (4) object snaps. Entering 126 turns on all 3D object snaps.