Converts 3D objects such as polygon meshes, surfaces, and solids to mesh objects.

Access Methods


 Ribbon: Home tabMesh panelSmooth ObjectsNot available on the ribbon in the current workspace
 Menu: DrawModelingMeshesSmooth MeshNot available in menus in the current workspace
 Toolbar: Smooth Mesh
 Command entry: meshsmooth


Take advantage of the detailed modeling capabilities of 3D mesh by converting objects such as 3D solids and surfaces to mesh.

Use this method to convert 3D faces (3DFACE) and legacy polygonal and polyface meshes (from AutoCAD 2009 and earlier). You can also convert 2D objects such as regions and closed polylines.

The default mesh settings are defined in the Mesh Tessellation Options dialog box. The level of smoothness upon conversion depends on the mesh type setting in this dialog box. If the mesh type is not set to be optimized, the converted object is not smoothed.

To convert mesh objects to 3D surfaces or solids, use CONVTOSOLID or CONVTOSURFACE commands.

Objects That Can Be Converted to Mesh

Object type
3D solids
3D surfaces
3D faces
Polyface and polygon meshes (legacy)
Closed polylines

List of Prompts

The following prompt is displayed.

Select objects to convert

In the drawing area, specifies an object to convert to a mesh object.