Switch Between Dialog Boxes and the Command Line

You can display prompts on the command line instead of using a dialog box, or switch back again. This option is useful primarily when using scripts.

Some functions are available both on the command line and in a dialog box. In many cases, you can enter a hyphen before the command to suppress the dialog box and display prompts on the command line instead. For example, entering layer on the command line displays the Layer Properties Manager. Entering -layer on the command line displays the equivalent command line options. Suppressing the dialog box is useful for compatibility with earlier versions of AutoCADĀ® and for using script files. There may be slight differences between the options in the dialog box and those available on the command line.

These system variables also affect the display of dialog boxes:

FILEDIA and EXPERT are useful when you use scripts to run commands.

To use the command line version of a command
System Variables
Command Modifiers