Use Distance Multiplier and Angle Offset Action Overrides

Distance multiplier and angle offset override properties allow you to specify a factor by which a parameter value is increased or decreased.

Action overrides are properties of actions that have no effect on the block reference until it is manipulated in a drawing. Use distance multiplier overrides with the following actions:

You can specify these action override properties by following the Command prompts when you add an action to a dynamic block definition. You can also specify these properties in the Properties palette when you select an action in the Block Editor.

Distance Multiplier Overrides

Use the distance multiplier property to change a parameter value by a specified factor. For example, if you set the distance multiplier property to 2 for a stretch action, the associated geometry in the block reference would increase and double the distance of the grip movement.

Angle Offset Overrides

Use the angle offset property to increase or decrease the angle of a changed parameter value by a specified amount. For example, if you set the angle offset property of a move action to 90, the block reference would move 90 degrees beyond the angle value of the grip movement.

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