Create Section Objects

Create cross sections to show interior details of 3D objects.

With the SECTIONPLANE command, you create a section object that acts as a cutting plane through solids, surfaces, meshes, or regions. Then turn on live sectioning to move the section object through the 3D model to reveal its inner details in real time.

You can align a section object using several methods.

Show Me: Create and Rotate a Section

Align the Section Plane to a 3D Face

One way to set the section plane is to click the face of an existing 3D object. (As you move the cursor, a dotted outline indicates the side of the plane to be selected.) The section plane is automatically aligned to the plane of the face you select.

Section object aligned to face

Create a Straight Cutting Plane

Pick two points to create a straight cutting plane.

Add a Jogged Segment

The section plane can be a straight line or it can have multiple or jogged sections. For example, a section containing a jog is one that cuts away a pie slice-shaped wedge from a cylinder.

Create a section line that has jogged segments by using the Draw Section option to pick multiple points throughout the 3D model.

Section object with jogged segment

Create Orthographic Sections

You can align section objects to a specified orthographic orientation of the current UCS, such as front, back, bottom, top, left, or right.

Orthographic section planes are placed so that they pass through the center of the 3D extents of all 3D objects in the drawing.

Create a Region to Represent the Cross Section

With the SECTION command, you can create a 2D region object that represents a planar cross section through a 3D solid object. You do not have live sectioning capabilities when you use this legacy method to create cross sections.

Define the plane of the cross section using one of the following methods:

The new region that represents the cross-sectional plane is placed on the current layer.

NoteBefore you apply hatching to the cross-sectional cutting plane, align the UCS with the cutting plane.
To create a section object by selecting a face
To create a section object by specifying two points

The section object is created between the two points. Live sectioning is turned off.

To create a section object with jogged segments

A section object with multiple segments is created in a Section Boundary state. Live sectioning is turned off.

To create a section object on a preset orthographic plane

The new section object intersects the center point of the 3D extents of all 3D objects in the drawing. It is placed on the selected orthographic plane. Live sectioning is turned on.

To create a region that represents the cross section of a 3D solid object