Creates a revision cloud using a polyline.

Access Methods


 Ribbon: Home tabDraw panelRevision CloudNot available on the ribbon in the current workspace
 Menu: DrawRevision CloudNot available in menus in the current workspace
 Toolbar: Draw 
 Command entry: revcloud

Minimum arc length: 0.5000 Maximum arc length: 0.5000

Specify start point or [ Arc length/ Object/ Style] <Object>: Drag to draw the revision cloud, enter an option, or press ENTER

Guide crosshairs along cloud path...

When the start and end lines meet, the following message is displayed at the Command prompt.

Revision cloud finished

The resulting object is a polyline.

NoteREVCLOUD stores the last used arc length in the system registry. This value is multiplied by DIMSCALE to provide consistency when the program is used with drawings that have different scale factors.

You can create a new revision cloud by dragging your cursor, or you can convert a closed object such as an ellipse or polyline into a revision cloud. Use revision clouds to highlight parts of a drawing that are being reviewed.

Arc Length

Specifies the length of the arcs in a revision cloud.

Specify minimum length of arc <0.5000>: Specify a minimum arc length

Specify maximum length of arc <0.5000>: Specify a maximum arc length

Guide crosshairs along cloud path...

Revision cloud finished

The maximum arc length cannot be set to more than three times the minimum arc length.


Specifies an object to be converted to a revision cloud.

Select object: Select the closed object to convert to a revision cloud

direction [Yes/No]: Enter y to reverse the direction of the arcs in the revision cloud, or press ENTER to leave the arcs as is

Revision cloud finished


Specifies the style of the revision cloud.

Select arc style [Normal/Calligraphy] <default/last>: Select the style for the revision cloud