Changes the 3D view in a drawing interactively to create the appearance of walking through the model.

Access Methods


 Toolbar: 3D Navigation  
 Menu: View Walk and Fly WalkAt the Command prompt, enter 3dwalk.
 Shortcut menu: Start any 3D navigation command, right-click in the drawing area, and click Other Navigation Modes Walk (6).
 Command entry:  3dwalk


3DWALK activates a walk mode in the current viewport. On the keyboard, use the four arrow keys or the W (forward), A (left), S (back), and D (right) keys to determine the direction of your walk. To specify the direction of the view, you drag the mouse in the direction you want to look. For more information, see Walk and Fly Navigation Mappings Balloon.

By default, the Position Locator window opens and displays your position in the drawing from a top view.

To control walk and fly settings, use the Walk and Fly Settings dialog box. To specify settings for animating a 3D walk or fly, see Animation Settings Dialog Box.